Crazy Maple Studio was born in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2017. Our goal: to bring fictional stories to life by blending animation, music, sound effects, and a unique style of gameplay that offers players and readers an immersive interactive experience!

What makes us different?

We believe that everyone has a story to tell and should have the opportunity to showcase their narrative to the world. We bridge and support indie authors, writers, and traditional publishers, enabling them to reach millions of users worldwide through a new and exciting medium.

Dare to Be Bold

Not all stories have fairytale endings. We believe stories come in different forms, whether they are carrying the reader into a wild, unforgettable fantasy, or taking them on a journey that touches their hearts.

Team Culture

We’re a group of writers, developers, artists, designers, and gamers that are striving to create exciting, entertaining, and immersive stories. We can’t wait to bring the next Chapters story to life!

Crazy Maple Studio Inc.

Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, California

Beijing, Shenzen, Canada, Mexico.